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Parental Controls and how to keep your children safe and innocent

Living with children is a wonderful and altering experience. Everything about your world changes, and it doesn’t return until they move out at 22 or older. How you view others in pain, how you budget your money, and plan for the future changes in your soul too. It should even change how you consume porn. Yes, that’s right. Watching pornography in an area or on a device that children have access to is just plain irresponsible. We here at IndianPornGirl do not want children to watch porn at all. We want our viewers to keep access to pornography under lock and key. If you also want to protect your children from viewing pornography, then you have to start using parental controls. If you don’t know how to use parental control and you’re not sure which ones you can choose, then please read this in-depth guide all about them.

What is parental control?

Parental controls are a software program, often in the form of a browser extension, antivirus addon, or standalone program that blocks a user from seeing content that the admin wants to be restricted. It can also be installed onto a server or a computer network, like at a school or library. For most parental control programs, the admin can restrict any site by adding it to a list of restricted sites found in the program’s settings. Many parental control programs already come with a list of sites that can be easily blocked if the admin agrees. Most of these pre-blocked sites feature graphic content like people dying, serious injuries, or pornography.

Why should you use parental control?

Children are very good at using technology. Many parents in their forties and beyond ask their children to help them with their phones and smart TVs. Technology proficiency is one primary reason why parental controls should be on any device that can access pornography. Children can accidentally discover porn in the browser history. Some parents even say that their kids opened their last closed tab and stumbled upon their porn. Now, we’re not judging you for watching porn. After all, we’re the ones who make and sell it! But children shouldn’t be exposed to pornographic materials at an early age. They don’t understand what they’re looking at, and it could make them feel bad and guilty. Plus, numerous studies are linking low self-esteem, over-aggression, depression, and unrealistic views of the opposite sex to being exposed to porn too early. So parental control protects your child’s mind now and protects the future adult they’re going to be.

Another way kids come across porn is through trolling. Children easily fall for pranks that are created by trolls who want to shock internet users with graphic images and strange pornography. So they create links routed to porn sites or to sites that feature dead bodies and leave it on Reddit, 4chan, or other message boards by disguising it as something else. Parental block


Also, parental controls aren’t just to protect the young. Senior citizens are known to accidentally load viruses onto their computers, often by clicking on spam email. Parental controls can prevent these types of sites from loading as well. Many older people have been scammed or physically robbed by criminals who create bait sites to gather information and find a vulnerable target.

How should I use parental controls to block pornographic websites?

First, if you decide to buy parental control software, then it’s best to use a program that offers multi-device protection at no extra cost. You can also use your browser’s filter, although this is far less secure, and someone could download a different browser and access a restricted site there. Second, don’t make the password obvious or reuse a password that your child already knows. Make it long and random, like the5756filter@@.

NOTE: if your child has their smartphone, you have to install parental control on their phone as well. Many parental control programs come with an app option. Your child cannot delete the app once the password is set.

What are RTA ratings, and how do they apply to media?

RTA or Restricted to Adults is a rating system created by the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP). It’s meant to protect children by creating an easy to use filtering system that parental control programs can use to flag that is inappropriate for children. No website has to use it, as it is a voluntary program. However, pornographic websites that do decide to register themselves with the RTA shows that they are dedicated to protecting children from material they are too young to view.

IndianPornGirl is a proud member of the RTA rating system, and we registered our website quite a while ago. Our site, IndianPornGirl, has an RTA code: RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA

When you activate a browser’s filtering system or install a parental control that uses the RTA system, if you go to, the filter will see our rating and restrict access to our sites automatically. But remember, websites like ours are only restricted if it uses an RTA code. If an adult or mature website does not use the RTA system, then you will have to add our site into the list of restricted websites.

When you add a site to a restriction list, no one without the parental control software’s passwords will be able to access any page of a restricted site. Not even if a person uses a proxy site to try and bypass the blocks.


There’s nothing wrong with viewing pornography in a healthy and safe environment. But caution must be heeded so that the young and innocent cannot find it online. Like we stated before, when children view pornography, they can develop body complexes. They are also more likely to become sexual addicts after they become adults. So placing parental controls on devices in your household protects their minds and their attitudes towards sex and the opposite sex. There will come a time when you will not be able to protect your children from the ways of the world. However, while they are in your home, you can control what they see online.