Love for mom Thirst in her pussy

I hope you have read the first part of the story. Here I bring you what happened after my mom threw the whore that my dad had brought out of our house.
The next day in the morning, I woke up to the sounds of quarrelling.
Dad:- How dare you tell my guest to leave?
Mom:- That whore is more important to you than me? Buy yourself a cunt when you start to earn.
Dad:- How dare you talk to me like that? All these years it was me providing for you. Don’t give me attitude.
When he was about to grab mom, I said –
Me:- Don’t you dare lay hands on my mom!
Dad felt insulted and left.
Mom:-Why did you say that to your father?
Me:- I can’t take it anymore and neither should you. Enough is enough, we don’t need him anymore. Let’s just leave, mom.
I was enraged and I left home. I didn’t come back till evening. As I entered, I saw my dad sitting on the diwan. My mom came in from the bedroom and hugged me.
Mom:- Where were you?
Me:- Just outside in the park.
Mom:- You are right son, we can’t stay here anymore. I have packed our things, they are in the bedroom. Go get them.
I and mom left home with our things. Dad didn’t even bother to stop us. He kept quiet. Mom had some money in her account and few pieces of her jewelry.
She had spoken to one of her friends. We spent the night at their place. I wanted to go someplace else, far away from dad but I had my college and if we needed a decent life I knew I needed to get educated.
I had made up my mind that I will do anything from now to keep mom safe and happy. We got a 1 BHK apartment for rent about 25km away from our previous home.
My mom sold her gold chain to a pawnbroker and we used the money to pay the advance. My college was nearer. My mom went to work but I knew that would only take care of our daily needs and won’t be enough for my college fees.
My mom objected but I convinced her and started working at a petrol pump after my college hours. I visited the pawnbroker occasionally and would ask him not to get rid of my mom’s chain and that I will come back to buy it off him.
I worked really hard and completed my degree and even got placed in a good company. We stayed in the same 1 BHK and used to share/sleep in the same room.
It had been a month since I joined work and had got my first salary. I wanted to take mom out for dinner to a nice place. I called her up and told her about my plans and asked her to get ready.
I reached home and as I had a key, I opened the door and went in. Mom was neither in the hall nor in the kitchen. Our room door was open so I just went in.
My mom was standing in front of the mirror fully naked and drying her butt-length hair with a towel. I just stood there lost and staring at her beauty.
My mom was a beautiful woman, fair in colour, about 5’ 8” in height, with long hair up to her butt. Her butts were big and round. She had gained a few kgs in the last couple of years. She had big gorgeous boobs, not slagging at all, and nice, light-brown nipples.
She had nice full hips and thick milky white thighs. She had a bit of fat on her belly. Nice, round, beautiful face with a cute nose and dimples, she looked like a little heavier version of pornstar Ashlyn Brooke.
Mom:- Rahul, Get out!!!
My mom had seen me admiring her beautiful body. She had covered herself with the towel. I apologized and moved out.
After some time, mom came out wearing a nice red-colored saree. I had bought her this saree with my money in the final semester by working at the petrol pump. She had light make-up on her face, nothing fancy just some powder and lipstick.
Her hair was tied in a braid and hanging over her left boob. Her saree was tied just below her navel which was visible from the side.
She had a smile on her face. Her naked image and her image of enjoying sex with my dad flashed in front of my eyes, and I could feel my dick getting hard.
Mom:- Hello, stop looking at me like that.
Me:- Oh, sorry mom. I was looking at how very beautiful you are.
Mom:- Ok, stop flirting with your mom now. Shall we go?
Me:- No mom, really you are as beautiful as an angel and not just now but always. I love you, mom.
Mom:- I love you too, Rahul. Shall I go now?
Me:- Yeah.
Mom:- And next time onwards, knock. Ok?
Me:- Oh, sorry mom.
Mom:- Enough, how many times will you apologize? Come, let us go now.
We took an auto to a good restaurant, again nothing fancy but a reasonably good place. We sat down and gave our order. We talked about random stuff, good stuff while having our dinner. We finished and were waiting for our bill.
Mom:- Do you ever think about your dad?
Me:- Why do you want to spoil the evening by reminding me of that devil.
Mom:- Language, Rahul. He is still your dad.
Me:- He was not fair to you and me.
Mom:- No son. He was a good man. I know I married a good man. He was depressed, his alcoholism, his partners betrayal. It changed him, son.
Me:- But he never seemed to set things right. He kept getting worse and made our lives hell. I get his situation. I get his depression but I couldn’t stand him anymore.
“He bought a whore to insult you. You might forgive him but I will never forgive him. (I had got all emotional and a tear rolled down my cheek).”
Mom:- Don’t cry, baby. I love you, please don’t cry. I am sorry I brought him up. I am really sorry, son. I went through all of that for you. I am sorry, it won’t happen again. I won’t talk about him ever again. Cheer up.
I got a grip on myself.
Me:- I love you too mom. You mean the world to me. I promised you that I will never drink and now I make another promise. I will take care of you, love you more than anyone. I will do anything for you mom. I love you.
Mom:- Haha. Ok, and stop flirting with your mom.
Me:- Haha. Why what’s wrong with it?
Mom:- Nothing. I like it, keep flirting and pampering me. Haha.
We paid the bill and went back home. My office works from 9 to 5. I didn’t have a fixed time but had to clock in 9 hours a day. I would generally work from 9 to 7 and be home by 8. My office was a bit far away.
Two months later, I had saved enough money to buy back my mom’s chain that she had sold to a pawnbroker. I left the office citing a health problem and left work by 5. I went to the broker and bought back my mom’s chain and reached home by 6. I entered the house using my key. I went to the bedroom whose door was fully opened.
I came to the door and was about to call my mom and stopped midway.
Mom:- Ohhh, Rahul. Please fuck your mom. Fuck me, beta…ahhhh…
Mom lay naked, her eyes closed, pressing her boobs and fingering herself with two fingers moving in and out of her pussy and she was taking my name.
She wanted me to fuck her. I stood there for a couple of minutes. Mom had cum and when she opened her eyes, she saw me standing there. She took a blanket to cover herself.
Mom:- Oh, Rahul. GET OUT!!! Please go. I will come out and explain.
Me:- I am sorry, mom. I will wait in the hall.
But I wasn’t able to move. I just kept staring at her.
Mom:- Rahul, Get out!!! Go!!!
I left and waited for mom. She wore a maxi and came out.
Mom:- I am sorry, Rahul. You shouldn’t have seen that. Why are you home so early?.
Me:- Do you do it often?
Mom:- Please son, Let’s not talk about that. Please.
Me:- Ooh ok.
Mom:- How come you are home so early?
Me:- I have a surprise for you mom.
Mom:- Really. What surprise?
Me:- Close your eyes and give me your hand.
I placed the chain in her hand. And then I asked her to open her eyes.
Mom:- You bought me a gold chain. OMG!!! You bought back my gold chain.
Me:- Since the day we sold it, every month I kept going back and kept asking the broker not to sell it, and that I will buy it back one day.
Mom:- (in tears) You bought me, my chain back. I love you Rahul. I love you a lot.
She hugged me and kissed me all over my face.
Mom:- I am so happy and so proud of you.
She put the chain on and again hugged me and this time it was for a long time. I was hugging her back, our bodies were so close. I could feel the softness of her boobs on my chest, my slight boner was poking her navel. She rested her head on my shoulder.
She moved to face me and again started kissing me all over my face and stopped once she reached my lips. We looked into each other’s eyes for a second and knew this was meant to happen. There was true love in our eyes for each other.
We forgot everything. We certainly didn’t care about society and morality. One second was all it took to realize that we were one.
She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and her hands moved to pull out my tucked-in shirt. I opened my mouth and met her tongue with mine, while my hands went to her big spongy ass and held her maxi to pull it up.
We broke the kiss. Mom pulled my shirt out and ripped open my shirt with buttons flying everywhere. I pulled her maxi up, she lifted her hands up and I pulled it out from over her head.
She was naked. Her hand went to my belt, while our tongues met again exchanging saliva. She undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pushed it along with my boxers, up to my knees.
I worked my way out of my pants and boxers. I caught her ass and lifted her up above my penis with her legs wrapped around my hips and hands around my neck. We moved to the bedroom without breaking the kiss.
I gently placed her down on the bed. She grabbed my vest pulled me down over her and then rolled me overcoming on top of me. She pushed my vest upwards. I got the hint and removed my vest. We were again smooching. My hands were moving all over her back and grabbing her ass.
She broke the kiss and started moving down. Kissing my neck, chest, abdomen, and finally reaching to my thick 7″ dick. I looked down and she looked me in my eye and gave a smile.
She kissed on top of my semi-erect penis and started taking it in her mouth. The warmth and wetness of my mom’s mouth against my dick made it grow. I felt blood rushing to my penis. She kept sucking me. I placed my hand very lightly on her head and was stroking it. She licked, sucked, and kissed my dick.
It was fully wet with her saliva running down to my balls. 5 minutes of sucking and I came in her mouth, which mostly she swallowed while some fell on the bed. She came back up to me and whispered,
Mom:- Time to treat your mom.
She got off me and lay next to me and pulled me on her. I kissed her earlobes and neck like a crazy person. I licked her neck and dragged my tongue to her right nipple and engulfed it with my mouth.
Her erect puffy nipples were pointing upwards. I squeezed her left boob and sucked on her right.
Mom:- Ahhh… Easy tiger.
I loosened my grip and moved my mouth from one boob to another. She kept moaning in pleasure and running her hands at the back of my head and caressing my hair.
I moved down kissing her stomach and licked the depths of her navel which sent shivers through her body giving her goosebumps.
She pushed my head down. I moved south and reached the opening of my birth canal. I licked it from bottom to top flicking her clitoris with my tongue.
I repeated the action and buried my head in her loins. She had small pubic hairs which felt like a carpet. I was rubbing her clitoris, and licking the inside and outside of her pussy.
She held my head tight against her love hole moaning heavily with short rapid breaths. I pushed myself in her, pressing my head from the sides with her thighs, and came with a loud sound. My face became wet.
I moved up to her. She kissed me on my lips and caught hold of my dick stroking it. We kissed till I became rock hard.
Mom:- Please, fuck me, son. I need you in me. Please fuck me.
I got on top of her. She pulled a pillow and placed it under her waist. She held my dick and kept it at the entrance and rubbed her pussy lips with my dick moving it up and down.
Mom:- I love you, Rahul.
And with that, I pushed my dick in her cunt.
Mom:- AHHHH….!!! FUCK ME!!!
Her eyes were closed, her head tilted back, and her hands pressing her boobs. I moved in and out of her cunt. My rod was moving in and out of mom’s well-lubricated grove with very little friction but generating a huge amount of heat.
Our bodies were sweating. I kissed her neck and held her boobs.
Mom:- Fuck me!!! Fuck your mom, Rahul. That is where you came from son… Fuck my cunt!!! AHHHH… YESSSS!!! FUCK ME!!! I LOVE YOU… YESSS…YESSS… KEEP FUCKING YOUR MOM…
Me:- I love you too mom. I love you too…ahhh!!!
I fucked her for 10 minutes and pulled her on top of me. I kissed, bent her forward, and went into a lip lock. I held her ass and fucked her from below.
After another 10 minutes of intense fucking we both came together. I cummed in her pussy. I had filled my birthplace with my own cum.
We lay silently with mom on top of me and my dick still in her. I lost my erection and my dick came out of her pussy giving way for our juices to follow and land just above my dick.
Another 10 minutes later mom got off me and lay beside me.
Mom:- Thank you, son. I needed it.
Me:- I love you mom. I would do anything for you.
I rested my head on my hand turning towards her.
Me:- Did you like getting fucked?
Mom:-Yes. I loved your dick in my pussy. I was missing this for almost four years now. Thank you.
Me:- Mom was I good?
Mom:-You were very good. I had the best fuck of my life.
Me:- Better than dad?
Mom:- (turning towards me)WHAT??? Of course. Why do you ask?
Me:- Coz even when he ill-treated you, You enjoyed being fucked by him.
Mom:- I was always loyal to your dad and I love sex. Probably it was one of the reasons why I never wanted to leave him even though he had become a monster.
“But what we had now was, pure love, just like me and your dad before he changed.I felt happy when your dick moved inside of me.”
“I felt happy when we kissed, you pressed my breast or licked my pussy.You are the gentle passionate lover that your dad used to be.
Me:- Thank you, mom.
Mom:- I raised you well. And now I get to have you all to myself. I love you son. And it’s me who is thankful. If you hadn’t beaten him up and asked me to leave, and gave me the courage to leave, I would be stuck with him.”
You supported me even after we left. We probably would have still been there or gone back to him and he would have continued to beat us up every day. Thank you for being my HERO!!!
We kissed and kept kissing and cuddling. That night I fucked my mom three more times. It’s been six months now, we moved into a bigger sized 1 BHK, as that was enough for us, which is close to my office.
My mom left her job and now teaches tailoring to girls who are less privileged and dropped out of school for free, encouraging them to be self-dependent. My job was going great.
We wake up naked next to each other. Go about our day and once I return from work, we close the curtains get naked, and start fucking all over the house.
I even fucked her in the ass. Every weekend we would go out for short trips by renting a car. In the past six months, we have had at least 12 mini honeymoons.
Everything was going fine when one day my mom got a call from our old neighbor who said that dad was suffering from liver failure and is counting his days.
My mom insisted that we go meet him. I didn’t want to, but I still went along with her. We entered our old house. He was there, lying on the diwan, looking very fragile.
My mom sat beside him, held his hand, and spoke to him. He said he didn’t stop drinking and did menial jobs to survive. He was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and couldn’t get a transplant as he still is an alcoholic.
He mortgaged the house and is paying for his meds and a caretaker who also cooks for him. We were there for about half an hour.
Dad:- Rahul, please forgive me for what I did to you.
I didn’t want to forgive him, but he probably being on his death bed and my childhood memories of him being a wonderful dad weighed heavily in his favour.
Me:- I forgive you, dad.
I instantly felt lighter as if I got rid of some baggage. We got ready to leave. Dad held mom’s hand.
Dad:-Rekha, please forgive me.
Mom:- (she kissed him on the forehead) I loved you. (Then she spat on his face) that is for torturing me and tormenting my kid. I forgive you and pray that you have a peaceful death. Goodbye.
We left and came back home and didn’t speak a word along the entire journey, we had our dinner outside. As soon as we entered and I locked the door my mom was all over me.
We stripped each other and started fucking on the sofa then moved to the bed. My mom had gone wild. She was fucking me like crazy, jumping up and down my dick.
She had me pinned down and fucking my dick.
Mom:- I feel absolutely free today. Fuck me, baby. Keep fucking mommy.
It felt like we had gotten rid of our past and we both were free. Our sex life just kept getting better and better as our love for each other kept increasing.
The end.

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